"She stands
In tattered gold
Tossing bits of amber
And jade,
Jewels of a year
Grown old:

—Zephyr Ware Tarver

What's Happening?

Happy November! I can't believe it's nearly the end of 2023 already, it feels like the year has flown by. Speaking of flying by, where did October go? It has been a whirlwind of a month, with a wedding or two every weekend and multiple activities going on, it was bound to go in the blink of an eye. Now that we've got the last of October's weddings shot and in the editing queue, it's the perfect time to reflect on the year and see all that we have to be thankful for.

This year has been an interesting one, as it's been a year of change and adjustment. Just over a year ago, like many others in the country, we found ourselves in a tight financial situation with the change in the economy. We haven't talked about it much, it's not exactly something to brag about, but it is what it is. Life happens. There are ups and downs, which is kind of the whole point of the marriage vows: for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. We were experiencing one of life's downs, so we decided that I would go out and seek steady work. As much as I love what I do with Cyn Davis Photography, it isn't always the most reliable source of steady income. Again, it's not really something I like discussing, but that's the reality of owning and operating a business. I needed something flexible that would allow me to keep to the commitments I had with weddings, yet help relieve some of the financial burden we were feeling. There happens to be a Dunkin' about 2 minutes from my kids' school, so I figured I'd apply and, happily, I got hired. It's a year later and I'm in the process of training to become a manager, which is just crazy.

While having a day job on top of running a business and keeping some balance with family life has been challenging, we have learned to adapt to our new normal. Our schedules aren't quite the same. We've all taken on new responsibilities to help out, and we're in a much better spot than we were a year ago. That's something to be thankful for. Being allowed the flexibility to work and still run my business is something to be thankful for. Having amazing clients who make me love my job is something to be thankful for. Having kids who show me grace in my frazzled moments is something to be thankful for. Having a loving husband who supports me and takes the initiative to be an awesome dad is something to be thankful for. So while we prepare to have a big family get-together for Thanksgiving, there's a lot that has enriched my life that I can smile about.

So, as I get ready to spend the rest of my evening reading with my kids and drinking a hot cup of spiced tea, I'll end this post with a question. What are you doing to make the most out of this fall season?

What's New?

Winter Flurries

I can't believe we got snow today. On the plus side, the fall colors were amazing and the was barely an inconvenience. Fall is basically a memory with the flurries already starting to fall, but it's not too late to book holiday portrait sessions. Sessions are available to book through the end of November. As we do every year, our December calendar will be closed to any new bookings, so be sure to book your session now before it's too late.

This is a special rate for holiday portraits, only $400 for a 60-minute session, a proofing gallery, and a download of 20 edited digital images. If you need more time, please specify it in your message when booking. Online galleries will be delivered within two weeks. Limited slots. Book now!

Online Booking

It's easier to book than ever before. Just go to our BOOKING SITE and select the service and your preferred date from the available dates shown on our calendar. Enter your information and submit payment. We'll contact you within 24 hours with your booking details. Or simply use the form below to contact us.

What's Next?

Client Spotlight

Wedding season is nearly over at Cyn Davis Photography, with only one wedding left for the year, our schedule is a bit more flexible for sessions. If you want to be featured in December's newsletter, reach out to book your fall session!

We shot a total of 6 weddings in October as well as 1 engagement session. It was a wild ride, but we're thankful for the opportunity to document such beautiful moments.

These were the awesome clients we had:

Dan & Lucianne

Gina & Jonathan

Drew & Estelle

Ashley & Logan

Carol & Scott

Brittani & Mark

Hannah & Noah

Shot at the Hartwood Acres in Pittsburgh, PA.

Shot at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA

Shot at Beaver Station Cultural & Events Center in Beaver, PA

Shot at Tuck'd Inn Farm in Vownickel, PA

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