"Let all thy joys be as the month of May and all thy days be as a marriage day: Let sorrow, sickness, and a troubled mind be stranger to thee."

—Francis Quarles

What's Happening?

Let me just say, it's been a month. It's been quite the ordeal for me and Rich, with all sorts of weird medical problems. I started out the month with some mild back pain, which got increasingly more painful as the month went on, which landed me in the ER two weeks ago. It was assumed I had a slipped disk. I already had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for the very next day and so I went to that and he told me that I've been just putting so much strain on my back over the years that it's just decided to stop working on me. And then a few days later, I got strep, which aggravated my back pain. On the upside, once I got antibiotics in my system, the pain went away for the most part. I'll still be seeing the chiropractor on the regular to keep up maintenance on my spine, but I'm feeling much better and am optimistic that with some core work and a few tweaks here and there, I'll be better than ever. Rich at the same time was dealing with pain from a tooth extraction. So we were in a sorry state there for a while, but we're all feeling much better, just in time for the start of our wedding season.

April really did come and fool us with some crazy weather. From beautiful 80-degree summer-like days to chilly snowy days. I can't believe we had snow on May 1st! On the plus side, I'm leaving this dreary cold weather for the warmer rays of beautiful Phoenix, AZ. The Davis clan is heading out west for our first wedding of the year. We're super excited! I will be out of the office until May 10th, but I'll still be checking emails, so feel free to contact us as you need. You can always use the booking system as well if you are ready to jump in. Just a reminder that emails received on Saturdays will receive a response the following business day as we are going to be out on location most Saturdays in May. I've been seeing so many beautiful spring weddings popping up in my Instagram feed and was starting to feel the itch to shoot. It's our time now. Let the 2023 Cyn Davis Photography wedding season begin!

What's New?

Senior Portrait Sessions

With 2023 seniors about to graduate and summer on the way, it's time to think about senior sessions for the Class of 2024. Senior portrait sessions are now available to book! Available through the summer months and limited dates in the fall. Now's the perfect time to lock in your session before our calendar fills up.

This is a special rate for senior portraits, only $400 for a 60-minute session, a proofing gallery, and download of 20 edited digital images. If you need more time, please specify it in your message when booking. Online galleries will be delivered within two weeks. Limited slots. Book now!

Online Booking

It's easier to book than ever before. Just go to our BOOKING SITE and select the service and your preferred date from the available dates shown on our calendar. Enter your information and submit payment. We'll contact you within 24 hours with your booking details. Or simply use the form below to contact us.

What's Next?

Client Spotlight

With spring, our calendars start to book up as shooting ramps up. We're super excited about all the things coming this month! We have our first two weddings of the year happening, with the first one this weekend. In addition to that we've got multiple engagement sessions as well as some family and senior sessions. Our first wedding of the year is happening in beautiful Arizona, so we're going to be out of the office until May 10th. We're super excited to travel back to our roots and photograph some amazing people in the Valley of the Sun.

Here are some awesome people we worked with in April.